News: Delegate Jim LeMunyon awards the 2013 National Heritage Scholarship (photos) May 3, 2013
Timeless Tribute Education Fund


Origins of The Foundation

In the spring quarter of his sophomore year, Jake Dansey's English teacher, Ms. Danielle Hicks, challenged the class to individually or in small groups to do fundraisers for a cause as part of their school project. Jake didn't really want to wash cars or organize a bake sale (as neither cleaning things or cooking things were really his thing). So, he asked his Dad, Rick Dansey, for ideas. Rick suggested he start a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Jake did not really know what that meant, but he researched it and delivered on Ms. Hicks challenge. He filed Articles of Incorporation with the State of Virginia and formed an incorporated company, The Dansey Foundation. This entity became active on 26 May 2011. Jake proceeded to draft bylaws, file for 501(c)3 status, work with the web development team and the accountant to make the non-profit a successful organization that produced three $5000 scholarships in the spring of 2012.

Why Government and History?

Rick Dansey is passionate about the United States of America as a successful model for all nations. The success of this model is only as good as the citizenry. Therefore, a well-educated and engaged electorate is a necessity for the model to work. Rick imparted this passion in his children, Rachel and Jake. At the first quarterly Board meeting (which happened to be dinner when everyone was home), we decided that Jake's fundraising cause would support scholarships for excellence in U. S. History and U. S. Government.

At that dinner table, our mission statement was born:

The Dansey Foundation sponsors the Timeless Tribute Education Fund that is focused on high school seniors who show an understanding and passion for engaging in the long conversation about our republic. The Timeless Tribute Education Fund intends to reward excellence in civics and history for students that will become a part of the continued success of the nation.

Who Benefits from the National Heritage Scholarship?

The Dansey family does not perceive that the scholarship winner is the only benefactor of the scholarship funds. In time as this scholarship gains attention, each high school student will become aware of this opportunity. If any student decides to work a little harder in these courses, or decides to work on a campaign, or takes AP classes instead of the normal class, then the benefactor is NOT just the winning student, but each of these students and in essence our democracy will benefit.

We will be fulfilling the mandate of George Washington, "A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government."